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Guelph’s 2017 Year-End Market Stats Huge year that started transitioning

2016 was a hot local real estate market, but in retrospective it paled in comparison to the blazing conditions in 2017. An astounding 60% all homes sold in Guelph moved at or above their asking prices — a median sales price of 105% of list price! — pointing to multiple offer... learn more

Guelph Real Estate Resiliance This place is not like other places

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you probably encountered some “dire” reports about the state of the real estate market. Much of this news is derived from data provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) based on MLS ® data from across the country. If you’ve... learn more

Guelph’s 2016 Year-End Market Stats Certainly a year to remember!

Those who thought that 2015 was a hot local real estate market were surely blown away by the blazing conditions in 2016. More than half of all homes sold in Guelph moved at or above their asking prices — a median sales price of 102% of list price! — pointing... learn more

13 Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly and for the most amount of money

Even in today’s hot sellers’ market there are important tips you can follow to ensure you’re selling your home with the fewest hassles, in the shortest time, and for the most amount of money possible:   1. Treat your home sale like the business transaction it is and work to... learn more

Selecting Your Buyer Agent Making the Right Choice is Critical

Selecting the right REALTOR® to help you with your home purchase ensures the house hunting begins strongly and ends with your success. Since you’ll be working closely with your chosen REALTOR® for weeks or perhaps months, select one that exhibits all the qualities of a true sales professional: someone who... learn more

Questions to Ask When Interviewing REALTORS®

If you are interviewing a few potential REALTORS® before deciding on one you will hire to sell your home, consider asking these eight questions. The answers will help demonstrate which sales professional is fully prepared to meet your needs. 1. Are we in a sellers’ market, a balanced market, or a buyers’... learn more

Selling Privately vs. Hiring a REALTOR® What's best for your specific situation?

With the rise of for-sale-by-owner marketing companies and an extended sellers’ market across our local areas, you may be wondering if you really need to hire a REALTOR® to sell your home and thinking that perhaps you can sell your home privately and save the real estate commission. It’s a... learn more

Welcome Home Looking back at 2015 and ahead to 2016

As December winds down and we ramp up for 2016, full of hope, ambition and the promise of an exciting new year. I thought it appropriate, like many at this time of year to reflect upon the past twelve months, what we’ve accomplished, lessons we’ve learned and milestones we’ve celebrated. learn more

A Manifesto of sorts… We are committed to making a difference for everyone

In everything we do, we are committed to doing what’s right and to making a difference in the lives of the people we meet – our customers and clients, our team, our suppliers, our competition, and our community. The Real Estate Brokerage business is a business of service and life... learn more