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Guelph Real Estate Resiliance This place is not like other places

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you probably encountered some “dire” reports about the state of the real estate market. Much of this news is derived from data provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) based on MLS ® data from across the country. If you’ve... learn more

New Housing Regulations Provincial government announces rent and housing reforms

It’s no surprise the provincial government has finally acted. With an annual increase of over 30% in home values throughout the region it’s a wonder it took them so long to do something.  The Globe and Mail has produced a summary of the announcement made today. The foreign buyer tax... learn more

Understanding Closing Costs By Brett Nodwell

When buying a home, there are always closing costs that can surprise buyers. Of course, one of the ways to safeguard yourself against that is working with a real estate professional that helps people move on a regular basis, like a member of our sales team from At Home Group Realty.... learn more

UPDATE: Stress Testing for Conventional Mortgages Delayed From The Department of Finance

As reported on our blog on October 6, 2016, big changes in the Canadian mortgage industry take effect today, October 17, 2016. Late last week, the Department of Finance delayed one of the key provisions concerning the “stress test” for conventional mortgages with at least 20% down payment until November... learn more

Understanding Bridge Financing By Brett Nodwell

When you buy your next home what do you want to get done before you move in? Extra cleaning maybe even professional carpet cleaning Painting Repair work Update a bathroom New appliances Refinish the floors Maybe even going so far as to move walls and change the floor plan of... learn more

Changes Are Coming to the Mortgage Industry A Home Group Realty Special Market Report

On October 3rd, 2016 Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced a series of regulatory changes in the mortgage industry to curb risks in the housing market and make it more difficult for homeowners to dig themselves into excessive mortgage debt levels. While specific plan details are still emerging, the proposed... learn more

Determining Your Home’s Listing Price Understanding the comparative evaluation method

Even with our local hot spring market, pricing your home correctly for today’s marketplace is a vital component of the selling process and should be considered carefully. The first few days and weeks your home is on the MLS® are critical to predicting the success of your sale. If you... learn more

Navigating Multiple Offers When Buying What do you do when you're in competition?

It can be stressful and frustrating when you discover that the home for which you are prepared to make a purchase offer is quite popular and one or more other buyers are also submitting offers … something that has been occurring much more frequently in Guelph recently. In these “multiple... learn more

Selecting Your Buyer Agent Making the Right Choice is Critical

Selecting the right REALTOR® to help you with your home purchase ensures the house hunting begins strongly and ends with your success. Since you’ll be working closely with your chosen REALTOR® for weeks or perhaps months, select one that exhibits all the qualities of a true sales professional: someone who... learn more

How Much Can I Afford? A Brief Overview of Mortgage Ratios

When shopping for a home, many buyers are unsure of their ideal price range. Your mortgage broker is best suited to handle detailed mortgage questions but we present below a general overview to introduce some basic guidelines and concepts regarding your home affordability. Affordability Guideline #1 — 32% Gross Debt... learn more