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Guelph’s 2017 Year-End Market Stats Huge year that started transitioning

2016 was a hot local real estate market, but in retrospective it paled in comparison to the blazing conditions in 2017. An astounding 60% all homes sold in Guelph moved at or above their asking prices — a median sales price of 105% of list price! — pointing to multiple offer... learn more

November Market Update Largely resulting from a seasonal adjustment

After a slight market rebound in October, real estate prices softened in November. The large driving force behind this recent market dip vs. October would be seasonal adjustments of course, so this is expected. Compared to last year, though, sales volume have been declining faster than new listings, which points... learn more

October Market Update Things seem to be trending upwards

Fall is upon us and the Guelph real estate market seems to have rebounded in October slightly compared to the trends over the past few months. For the first time since July, for example, the median sales price has increased for all homes except condo apartments. The number of sales... learn more

Guelph Housing Market Report Third Quarter 2017

In the second quarter of 2017, we reported that the market was “changing.” For the third quarter, a more appropriate description would be “changed”. Past tense. Median sales prices have dropped, the length of time it takes to sell a home has increased, and both the number of sales and... learn more

The Market is Cooling … Kinda Sorta Mixed Messages About The Future

So what’s going on in the market? The August 2017 Guelph Housing Market Report shows that median home prices have declined substantially during the summer, but the historical pricing is only one indicator that shows what was rather than what may be coming. The sales-to-new-listings ratio, which is the best... learn more

Guelph Real Estate Resiliance This place is not like other places

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you probably encountered some “dire” reports about the state of the real estate market. Much of this news is derived from data provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) based on MLS ® data from across the country. If you’ve... learn more

Tracking a Dynamic Market July 2017 stats show mixed indicators

Things are difficult to predict in this tumultuous real estate market. The July 2017 Guelph Housing Market Report points to a sharp decline in the number of home sales and a greatly increased time period required to sell a home. Oddly, though, the median sales prices in July have reversed... learn more

Guelph Housing Market Report Second Quarter 2017

Everyone is talking about local real estate conditions, whether it’s water cooler talk in the office or market news splashed across the internet. Government interventions through legislation or interest rate adjustments further fuel these discussions. It’s clear that Southwestern Ontario real estate is experiencing dynamic market shifts, but what is... learn more

More Homeowners Are Selling Still a strong sellers' market

Has the housing industry begun to cool slightly? The May 2017 Guelph Housing Market Report points to a sharp increase in homes listed for sale, which has caused an overall slight median price decrease vs. April. Sales have also risen dramatically, which suggests that much of the pent-up buyers demand... learn more

New Housing Regulations Provincial government announces rent and housing reforms

It’s no surprise the provincial government has finally acted. With an annual increase of over 30% in home values throughout the region it’s a wonder it took them so long to do something.  The Globe and Mail has produced a summary of the announcement made today. The foreign buyer tax... learn more