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Gin, Snow, and the Guelph Real Estate Market — Market Report for February 9

Issue: 89 February 9, 2018

Guelph Weekly Sales Reports

I love Guelph!  

What other small city features an incredible collection of talented and creative people?  

HGR is the local independent brokerage amongst a sea of national and international brands.  Our Fiercely local team prides itself on using local talent and suppliers to help us market homes in our area.  We also love supporting and promoting other local independent firms.

Last night we held a team event at one of our favourite local artisan’s shops: Dixon’s Distilled Spirits on Elmira Rd.  Nothing beats sampling still warm gin as it drips down from the still.  

Jeremie Dixon, one of the ringleaders at Dixon’s, lead the team through a detailed tour and lecture on the art and skill it takes to distill fine spirits.  I don’t think he was expecting the questions from our team on the process, especially from our resident sustainability and homesteader pro John Gaida.  We came away from the event educated, entertained, and proud to be a supporter of another fine Guelph Artisan.  

You actually might want to grab your favourite beverage as we try to make sense of this week in the Guelph real estate market.  

Let’s get the numbers out there – 34 homes sold this past week, down considerably from the 57 homes sold the same week in 2017.  That’s a 40% reduction from this time last year.  56% of last week’s sales went at or above list price, down considerably from the scorching 79% selling above list price last year.  Overall market activity is down 40%, the median price is $28,000 above last year’s number and we still have over 50% of the market place selling at or above list price.  This market is as jumpy as an over-caffeinated, hyper active programmer!  

The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) reported their January sales numbers were off by over 40% as well.  The “saving grace” there was that condo apartment sales continue to be very strong and outperform the rest of the GTA market.  Their inventory levels in detached homes were up considerably which would logically explain the price drop.  

So, what about Guelph? Our inventory levels have dropped again, prices are still high, sales have dropped off, and yet we still seem to have a lot of people competing for these houses.   I would have expected a huge influx of new listings to the market as sellers would jump in to take advantage of the high prices and large number of buyers available.  

Our January Guelph Housing report has just been released.  You can see last month’s numbers and how they compared to January 2017.  It’s an interesting picture.  


I understand there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world today.  The bull on Wall Street finally appears to have run itself to the ground.  The UK is looking to start a round of interest rate hikes, and the US has similar thoughts going on as their economy has been revving up as well.

Interesting times indeed!

My take on this –  We will eventually see prices in our market retreat.  It’s inevitable.  As interest rates go up, the GTA market will continue to slow and “normalize” which means we’ll see less buyers from that area coming here.  This has to eventually affect our market and numbers.  

There’s an opportunity for sellers to take advantage of this inflection point in the Guelph market.  If you’ve got some risk tolerance, selling today with a 3-4 month closing means you could have time to wait for the market to adjust and buy as it settles lower.  Some savings, probably and a strong likelihood of a lot more inventory to pick from.  

Enjoy the weekend.

Market Summary: 

This week’s summary of the homes sold in Guelph and the surrounding Townships for the week ending January 26th, 2018 is just below.

Please note you can click here to go to the Market Reports archive, dating back to ten weeks ago.

 You can see the weekly Stats summary here. 

Guelph and Townships detailed neighbourhood reports.

Sub sect 1: Downtown -> No Sales this week.

Sub section 2 Exhibition Park 

Sub section 3 General Hospital -> No Sales this week.

Sub 4 St. Georges 

Sub 5 St. Patrick’s Ward

Sub 6 Old University

Sub 7 Willow/Waterloo -> No Sales this week.

Sub 8 Parkwood Gardens

Sub 9 Riverside Park

Sub 10 Victoria North

Sub 11 Grange

Sub 12 York/Watson -> No Sales this Week.

Sub 13 Arboretum -> No Sales this Week.

Sub 14 Kortright East -> No Sales this week.

Sub 15 Kortright West 

Sub 16 Kortright Hills -> No Sales this week.

Sub 17 Clairfields

Sub 18 Pineridge/Westminster Woods

Puslinch Twp

Guelph-Eramosa Twp

Guelph Weekly Sold Report Summary

Guelph Weekly detailed Statistics

Guelph MLS ® Neighbourhood Map this map is expandable to show all the subsections.

Want more details on any of these listings?  Or if you are considering selling in the next 30-90 days send me an email info@homegrouprealty.ca or click the link to book an appointment for a no obligation market consultation.  We will complete a comprehensive market report on your home and give you an accurate expected sales price for your home. Our goal is to help you maximize value from your home in a minimum of time and with a minimum of inconvenience.


You can download our Seller’s Guide here to give you an idea of the cutting edge marketing our firm does. Marketing your home aggressively and with deliberate purpose will make a difference, even in this market. Our company’s results consistently outperform the average Realtor® by almost 1%, a significant amount of money back in your wallet at the end of the day.

The detailed stats summary link  gives an excellent neighbourhood by neighbourhood breakdown of the types of homes and numbers selling.  There is a link to the MLS ® map for Guelph at the bottom that will open in a separate window.  If you enlarge the map you’ll see the neighbourhoods we cover.  This is summary weekly data designed to keep you informed on market trends and conditions in your neighbourhood.

If you have questions please reach out to me paul@homegrouprealty.ca or directly 519-240-1722.  We are always talking real estate and would love to have a conversation with you.

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