Fergus At Home Group Realty


Celebrate heritage and culture in a picturesque village home to the Scottish Festival and Highland Games.

Fergus At Home Group Realty

Photo: Historic charm and architecture meets friendly neighbourhoods and people in Fergus.

Less than 10 minutes east of Elora, Fergus is recognised internationally for its Scottish Festival and Highland games, which brings some of the most impressive athletes and dancers to a community of 20,000.

Life in Fergus is similar to Elora with a landscape rich in farmland and nature that showcases the beauty of the Grand River and the Elora Gorge. The largest community in the township of Centre Wellington, Wellington County, “Little Falls” as it used to be called has a peaceful lifestyle that’s marked by its beautiful Downtown core. Locals love the variety of restaurants, pubs and cafes — not just for the food, but for the camaraderie of friends and neighbours they inevitably run into. Shopping is no different, with a wide variety of boutiques and stores perfect for a leisurely shopping trip or simply to get the things you need.