Lise Anne Janis Sales Representative

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Home Group Realty Inc.
101-75 Farquhar Street
Guelph, ON
N1H 3N4

About Lise:

My specialty is really listening to my clients needs and finding the best way to make their dreams happen. Before my career in real estate, I worked in marketing and for nine years I worked in high-end renovations, so I understand how to market homes, and how to evaluate them. Real estate isn’t a business. It’s an art. It takes imagination, creativity. It inspires me. I’m so happy to be a realtor in Guelph, because I love the pace, warmth, progressive approach to development and most of all Guelph’s wonderful architecture. On my days off, I go for long walks, getting lost on purpose. My favourite streets are in Exhibition Park, especially those that have lots of overhanging trees. Guelph reminds me a little of Montreal and other great European cities. It has everything I need: Great neighbourhoods, a vibrant downtown and wonderful restaurants that serve excellent wine.

Client Testimonials

"My personal real estate agent for life"

Lise Anne is a great agent, and did a great job for me. She has a way of understanding what an individual and a family need in a house, and does a good job of helping talk through the pros and cons of the available houses. She's aggressive in finding new listings, which is crucial in the downtown market especially, but she's not pushy, and was very patient as we made up our minds.

But what really stands out for me when I think of Lise Anne is that she kept our interests in mind, and even put our interests as a family above her own interests as an agent. That is truly rare. Here's what happened. We were seriously considering one home that was beautiful, but was not in the location we really needed. With so few houses on the market, it was really hard not to jump at that house.

But Lise Anne became aware of another house came on the market privately, and she introduced us to that house right away. That one was perfect for us in both respects: we loved the house itself, but the location was right downtown where we needed to be.

I imagine many agents would not have shown us the house that was listed privately, because there is no expectation of a commission. Lise Anne didn't let that stop her, and she continued to talk through the pros and cons objectively. She could have tried to push the other house, where she would have made a huge commission, but she didn't push it. She let us decide.

For that move, she'll be my personal real estate agent for life.

"Qualitatively different experience"

Working with Lise Anne has been a delight. I had bought and sold 3 houses prior to working with Lise Anne and thought I knew what real estate agents do. I was wrong. Lise Anne has provided a qualitatively different experience. She has helped out practically, logistically and emotionally. She has been generous with her time and expertise. And the proof is in the pudding as they say - my house was sold within a week of listing.

"Extremely happy with our choice"

When we decided to sell our home we picked Lise Anne Janis as our agent. She was the only realtor we met who took the time to explain the process to us. She also took the time to get to know us and our needs. We were extremely happy with our choice. Lise Anne always kept us informed, every step of the way. She took creative measures to sell our home and thought outside the box to find the right buyer for our special home. We highly recommend Lise Anne Janis for your home sale.

"Great agent"

It has been an experience doing house hunting. Yesterday put an offer in with no conditions and 10K over asking and it went on a bidding war…thank god for my great agent and friend Lise Anne Janis we had to back down from it as it kept going. God will put the right house for me, I know it until then keep looking.